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In the vanguard of VMware's pre and post-production endeavors, Bellow is dedicated to shaping, refining, and elevating creative projects, fostering innovation, and advancing VMware's technological capabilities.

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VMWare revolutionised virtualisation and cloud computing. Pioneering technology for running multiple OS on one machine, it optimised resource use. Expanding to comprehensive solutions, it simplified IT, increased efficiency, and drove cloud adoption. 

  • Pre production - Creating a storyline and detailed storyboard while scouting for location for the shoot

  • Production - Filming and managing

  • Post production - Editing and ensuring all videos are up to standard

NowComms Asia commissioned us to collaborate on a campaign for VMWare, where we provide pre, during and post production service for their official website, encompassing ideation and storyboarding.

Our work includes interviews, short skits and many other aimed at elevating brand awareness and highlighting the company's quality and excellence.

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

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