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Leading the way in Scape Singapore's pre and post-production efforts, Bellow works to shape, enhance, and elevate creative initiatives, igniting youthful inspiration and enriching Singapore's artistic landscape.

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*SCAPE established as a youth-centric organisation in Singapore, it has evolved into a dynamic hub for fostering youth development and creativity. Through diverse programs and spaces, *SCAPE empowers young individuals in artistic expression, entrepreneurship, and leadership, highlighting the significance of youth-centric platforms in nurturing talent and innovation.

  • Pre production - Creating a storyline and detailed storyboard while scouting for location for the shoot

  • Production - Filming and managing

  • Post production - Editing and ensuring all videos are up to standard

  • Graphic Design

We delivered a comprehensive end-to-end production solution to *SCAPE, encompassing event coverage, interviews, and ceremonial recordings. This initiative strategically portrays *SCAPE in a favourable light, augmenting their visibility, particularly among the younger demographic.

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Additionally, our collaboration has facilitated the dissemination of inspiring narratives from local artists, contributing to the empowerment and motivation of adolescents.

  • More than 46.7k views on Instagram

  • More than 2k likes on Instagram

  • More than 1.2k views on Youtube

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