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What to Do Before and After Posting a Content?

Welcome to the ultimate brief guide for content creators who are ready to unleash the full potential of their social media magic!

Crafting great content is just the beginning; the real world happens when you know what to do before and after hitting that 'post' button.

We're about to dive into the secrets that will take your social media game from ordinary to extraordinary!

Pre-Post Preparation

Engage on Your Feed for 10 Minutes

Think of it as your warm-up routine. Dive into your social media haven and start mingling. Respond to comments, throw some likes around, and let the world know you're not just a content creator – you're part of the party.

Reply to Comments Like a Pro

Show your audience some love! Your followers took the time to share their thoughts; now it's your turn. Craft insightful replies, spark conversations, and let your personality shine through. It's not just about content; it's about connections!

Build the Hype on Countdowns and Stories

Drop a story with a countdown – make your audience the first one to see your content premiere. Let them know something epic is on the way, and get them excited to hit that 'like' button!

Ask and You Shall Receive

Use the question sticker on your story to connect with your audience. Ask them something related to your upcoming post. Get them involved, spark curiosity, and turn your content into a conversation starter.

The Aftermath

Share Your New Post on the Story

Your content has officially landed – celebrate it! Share it in your story and let your followers bask in the glory of your latest creation. Keep the energy high and the engagement rolling.

Spread the Love to Other Platforms

Don't be shy a.k.a. share your content on other platforms. Share it with a link, conquer new territories, and let the whole world know. Cross-promotion helps tap into different audience segments and diversifies your online presence.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Post-launch engagement is your secret weapon. Spend 10 minutes diving into the comments on your new post and showering appreciation on your followers.

Slide into Other Niche Accounts

Build connections within your niche by visiting the pages of influential accounts. Visit their pages, drop some genuine comments, and show them what you've got. Networking isn't just for conferences – it's the key to unlocking new opportunities and collaborations.

There you have it – your answer to the social media engagement game. Remember, it's not just about the content you create; it's about the connections you make!

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