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The Secret to Creating Powerful Content

Content structures come in various forms—some use the Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) method, others employ a prologue, and the list goes on.

However, the real key lies in just three elements:

  • Engaging in the beginning

  • Engaging in the middle

  • Satisfying in the end

A lot of people are saying that "hook is important in a piece of content." That's true. But it turns out that's not enough.

The problem is that people have been making clickbait thumbnails on that red platform for a long time. Eventually, people become more aware. So, it's the same with this. As more and more people apply hooks, it's important to improve other aspects as well.

There are two additional aspects that, when combined, create the 3 SECRET FORMULAS to make your content more powerful—whether it's to increase engagement, save counts, or boost conversions.

So, what are those?

Captivating in the beginning

Remember, engaging doesn't have to be aesthetic. The goal is to make people curious, take notice, or connect with your content in the first 1-3 seconds.

One way to captivate is through a hook:

  • Visual hook: a person's face, a highlight of the climax, an unusual object, etc.

  • Audio hook: someone shouting the hook or asking a question

  • Text hook: create text that contains a headline

Engaging in the middle

It's pointless to captivate at the beginning only to be skipped or swiped through in the middle. To keep the audience engaged or interactive in the middle, consider:

  • Give a plot twist

  • Give an interesting storytelling narrative (like a day in my life, throwback, etc.)

  • Give a conflict that triggers emotions (if the content is drama, it can be anger, happiness, sadness, fear, etc.)

Satisfying in the end

Some content may be intriguing and exciting to follow, but it often falls flat. Therefore, a final touch or finishing is necessary, where your content should be satisfying.

Achieve this by:

  • Give wisdom

  • Provide insights

  • Add an epic resolution to a drama story

  • Create a relevant call to action/value

Combine these three components and your content is guaranteed to yield far more optimal results.

Of course, this will help you in structuring a piece of content. But what is just as important is the direction of your content. The 3 formulas above are only the STRUCTURE.

Then, what is the content like in each aspect? It depends on your social media strategy!

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