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Bellow is actively involved in managing post-production aspects at Nanyang Technological University, where we meticulously craft, refine, and elevate creative educational projects, aiming to inspire youth culture and enrich Singapore's educational artistry.

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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore is globally recognised for academic excellence and innovation. Renowned for research and technology, NTU offers diverse programs and boasts a cutting-edge campus, fostering collaboration and earning a top global ranking.

  • Pre production - Creating a storyline and detailed storyboard while scouting for location for the shoot

  • Production - Filming and managing

  • Post production - Editing and ensuring all videos are up to standard


NowComms commissioned us to collaborate on numerous videos for NTU. We provide a comprehensive production service encompassing the entire creative process, ranging from ideation and storyboarding to editing, tailored specifically for their school website and social media. 

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro


Our contributions encompass filming for a new program introduction, open house coverage, and interviews with faculty members. These endeavours significantly contribute to enhancing brand recognition among prospective students, effectively conveying the essence of their institution and its offerings.

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