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Bellow actively manages both pre and post-production processes at Murdoch University, ensuring a comprehensive approach to video creation.


Additionally, we focus on curating videos that effectively reach the target audience, aligning with the educational mission of Murdoch University.

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Murdoch University at Kaplan Singapore is a collaborative institution offering Australian education in Singapore through Murdoch University and Kaplan Higher Education. With a diverse course range, experienced faculty, and industry alignment, it stands as a respected choice for quality education in the region.

  • Pre production - Creating a storyline and detailed storyboard while scouting for location for the shoot

  • Production - Filming and managing

  • Post production - Editing and ensuring all videos are up to standard

  • Graphic Design

  • Ads Management

Proposing a strategy to heighten awareness among prospective students seeking to pursue their education in Singapore while concurrently attending a reputable institution like Murdoch University.

Presently, there is limited awareness regarding the availability of the Double Degree program offered by Murdoch University at Kaplan Singapore, and the concurrent issuance of equivalent certification to on-campus.

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

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