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Guiding pre and post-production at Dell Technologies, Bellow focuses on crafting, refining, and elevating creative initiatives, acting as a catalyst for technological advancements and contributing to Dell's progression.

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Dell Technologise began as a direct-to-consumer PC company, offering a wide range of technology solutions from consumer electronics to enterprise services, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

  • Pre production - Creating a storyline and detailed storyboard while scouting for location for the shoot

  • Production - Filming and managing

  • Post production - Editing and ensuring all videos are up to standard

NowComms commissioned us to collaborate on a campaign for Dell Technologies. We deliver end-to-end production services, including ideation, storyboarding, and editing, for their official website. 

Our portfolio encompasses testimonials, interviews, how-to guides, and a culinary show, strategically designed to engage business owners, organisations, and foster partnership growth.

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

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